Who We Serve

Penelope helps not-for-profit organisations and social service agencies drive efficiency and improve outcomes.

Serving all roles

Penelope works for everyone

Executive Teams


  • Keep all client information in one place so it’s easy to access your data and reports
  • Oversee your staff’s capacity and get a snapshot of what’s going on at your organization at any time with our intuitive scheduling tool
  • Easily identify messages that need your attention with live notifications and reminders for important issues and tasks

Managers and Supervisors

  • Access reporting data to understand existing performance and assist in identifying demand for future services
  • Accurately track financial activities with our built-in billing module that helps you manage invoices, payments, and credits for clients and funders
  • Keep track of your staff, clients, and resources, and get a snapshot of what’s going on at your organization at any time with our intuitive scheduling tool 
  • Get a complete picture of each client’s journey, from intake to aftercare, with comprehensive inbound and outbound referral tracking

Frontline Workers

  • Spend less time on paperwork and administrative tasks and more time helping your clients
  • Update client information and take case notes during appointments
  • Get live notifications and reminders for important issues and tasks

Administrative Staff

  • Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks like client intake and appointment scheduling
  • Spend less time waiting for documents and pages to load with Penelope’s speedy navigation and response times
  • Ensure that client data is always up-to-date and easy to find by tracking each individual’s or family’s info in one case file that contains all of their notes, service history, documentation, communications, and more
  • Use Blue Book to easily and securely share client information when referring them to different service providers

IT Teams

  • Keep all client information in one system so that data is always accessible and up-to-date. There’s no need to worry about being unable to share data between systems because there’s only one!
  • Train your staff on how to navigate Penelope using our new mobile training portal complete with video modules, collaboration spaces, and links to useful resources.
  • Run Penelope on any major operating system that has been updated within the last year and use Penelope in the latest stable version of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (Mac OSX only), Microsoft Edge (Windows OS only), or Internet Explorer 11.

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