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Domestic Violence and Victim Services Global Infographic

Domestic violence, intervention and victim services is another group of services that are in high demand but not often talked about openly.

This infographic highlights the concerns of children, women and men and their own struggles across the globe. Download PDF here.

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EAP Services in AUS Infographic

Brief infographic on the EAP service sector’s growing demand, where we outline the prevalent services, revenue and growth and expected projections for the near future.

Download this PDF to learn more.

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NDIS Infographic

Brief infographic on key statistics such as revenue, growth, segmentation and players, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on NDIS providers.

Download this PDF to learn more on key success factors and how to increase efficiency in managing and reporting NDIS requirements.

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Counselling and Mental Health Services

Counselling and mental health organizations leverage Penelope software to easily manage multiple programs, ensure accurate data and documentation, and stay on top of tasks and scheduling. Learn more about their success stories in our eBook.

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Individual and Family Services

Agencies providing Individual and Family Services around the world use Penelope to increase efficiency, improve collaboration, and increase security and client engagement. Read their stories in our interactive eBook.

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