Pricing Structure

What’s included in Penelope Case Management Software

We’re excited to announce that our pricing packages have been updated and are now based on the number of active Penelope users at your organisation. Packages are offered in affordable bands starting at 25 users, providing your organisation with flexibility as you grow while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Valuable new features

In addition to having a simplified cost structure, Penelope’s basic pricing packages have been upgraded with brand new features that add value for all users.

Features that now come standard with Penelope include access to a Preview sandbox environment with sample data and a Training sandbox environment* with de-identified client data for testing and training purposes, a replica reporting database that enables Penelope to run smoothly even when exporting data and running database queries, up to 500 GB of storage, and 25 hours of additional services in your second year with Penelope.

Two-year terms and auto-renewals

Penelope licenses are now available on a minimum two-year term with default auto-renewals designed to help your organization budget for the long term and avoid having to manually renew Penelope on a yearly basis. We also take care of license keys, lightening the load for your system administrators.

*Penelope’s new Training sandbox is a copy of your Penelope database but with all client names and other protected health information de-identified. This means you can train your staff on new Penelope features and processes without exposing confidential information or affecting your live database, and you’ll also be able to screen-share with our support staff as needed to help speed up case resolution times.

All Penelope packages include access to:

  • Secure sandbox environments for training and testing
  • Over 130 pre-built reports
  • 500 GB of storage
  • Built-in billing module
  • Staff collaboration tools
  • Reporting replica database
  • … and much more
And are supported by:
  • Friendly technical support via email or phone
  • 24/7 urgent technical support
  • Penelope training programs
  • Penelope online support communities
  • Specialized product and training webinars

Comprehensive product training and support

Our pricing structure may have changed, but all of our packages still include 24/7 access to Athena’s friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff. They also come with access to the Penelope support community, our new and improved Penelope online training centre, and a dedicated account manager to support your organization after go-live.

Penelope Online Training

Help your staff learn the ins and outs of Penelope by providing mobile access to training resources like personalized courses and videos that are updated as our software evolves.

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