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Smart forms

Penelope’s built-in smart forms are flexible, powerful, and easy to create and update on your own with no need for expensive and time-consuming customization.

Create an unlimited number of forms, outcomes assessments, letter templates, and surveys, for ultimate flexibility in tracking intake information and demographics, consent forms, as well as client history, demographics, treatment planning, and goal tracking.

With smart forms you can avoid duplication and unnecessary work while improving the accuracy of your data.


Save time and avoid tedious retyping by allowing Penelope smart forms to pull information from your database. Clients’ names, dates of birth, or other custom information can automatically appear in smart form fields as required.

Conditional Questions

Questions, sections, or entire pages of documents can be shown or hidden based on the way smart form questions are answered.

Decision Support

Flag workers based on the answers to questions in Penelope smart forms. Paired with workflow automation, these flags can automatically trigger other tasks, notifications, and alerts.

Revision Control

Documents (or revisions of documents) can be locked to prevent editing or deletion. Signatures can be collected electronically with a mouse, a stylus, or even with your finger.

Client Facing

Send smart forms to clients ahead of time with ClientConnect. Forms can be filled out by your clients on any device and then sent back via Penelope at your client’s convenience!

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Penelope’s built-in scheduling tool gives users a clear and up-to-date picture of all the events and activities going on at any given time.

Make Scheduling Simple

Penelope’s visual scheduler makes it easy to see when staff and clients are available for appointments or events.

Both service providers and admin staff can schedule appointments for clients and add additional case members, workers, and other contacts as needed.

Reserve Resources

Resources can be reserved for any appointment in Penelope.

To help manage the tracking of your agency’s resources, you can sort them into categories like rooms, AV equipment, vehicles, or computers—whatever works best for you!

Book Recurring Appointments

Schedule recurring appointments by setting the cycle to repeat daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or on a custom schedule.

View Staff Availability

Staff can indicate their availability in Penelope by using the scheduling tool to book time for staff meetings, administrative work, or time spent out of the office.

Automated Workflows

Penelope allows you to create custom automated workflows with action triggers that send notifications and alerts to staff or clients via email or SMS. This improves efficiency by allowing your staff to spend less time on manual tasks and ensures that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Workflows are defined by the user and there’s no limit to the number you can create. 

Time-based Workflows

Workflows can be designed to trigger based on the time before or after an event, or at a key point in a client’s treatment. For example, you could create a workflow that emails intake forms to new clients three days before their first appointment. 

Event-based Workflows

Penelope can create automated workflows for each new intake, unsigned document, change in field value, service-related deadline, form completion, and more.


Our built-in billing module provides clarity, visibility, and accountability for clients, service providers, and funders. 

Track Accounts Receivable

Penelope includes an accounts receivable billing module that allows you to invoice clients and funders while keeping track of payments, credits, and debits.

Keep Records Updated

Track funds in real time and use our automated workflows to prompt staff to modify client coverage or warn them when a coverage is due to expire.

Manage Insurance Billing and Grant Funding

Add an unlimited number of third-party funders and insurance companies with our flexible billing module and create client-specific policies and coverage limits as needed. You can also use Penelope to accurately track spending of grant funds.

Create Financial Reports

Create a variety of billing reports including account statement reports, aging reports, and diagnostic reports that help you identify things like unpaid invoices and payments that haven’t been applied.

Online Payments

Want to give your clients the option to check their account balance and pay bills right from their mobile phone? ClientConnect may be for you!

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