Penelope case management software fully integrates DSS/Data Exchange (DEX) service tracking and reporting requirements into a streamlined, practitioner-friendly workflow.


Penelope’s DSS/DEX integration includes:

  • DSS Client Information
  • Certificates/Parenting Agreements
  • DSS Session Information
  • DSS Session Assessments
  • DSS Client Assessments
  • DSS Goal Planning
  • Agency Outlet Information
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Partnership Approach

Penelope automatically and securely uploads your data to DSS servers via an automated web service and allows you to access additional tools—like outcomes evaluation, assessment, and goal planning tools—if you’re a participant in the expanded Partnership Approach.

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Download our one-page document on DSS/DEX in Penelope.


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Penelope empowers your organisation to handle NDIS requirements in line with the rest of your service delivery practices for efficient and consistent service, administration, and reporting. 

Built-in NDIS Module

Penelope has a dedicated NDIS module that integrates seamlessly with the rest of our case management capabilities. This makes it easy to:

Full Functionality

Penelope’s NDIS capabilities let you:

  • Manage support plans
  • Track individualised funding
  • Process bulk payments
  • Assist self-managed clients
  • Oversee all agency NDIS claims
  • Control your NDIS support items
  • Report on NDIS services
  • Set up policies to accurately track clients’ plan expenditures and NDIS support code allocation
  • Extract CSV files so you can upload them directly to the NDIS Portal for claims
  • Create authorised service agreements outlining covered services, rates, limits, terms, and NDIS service clusters

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Download our one-page document on NDIS in Penelope.


Download the one-pager

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