Edgewood Clinical Services Case Study

“When I started looking for a case management system, I wanted to find one that could grow with us over the next five to 10 years, and not just th next 12 months. And [Penelope] has been just that.”

Edgewood Clinical Services is a multi-service counseling agency based in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. They provide comprehensive counseling and mental health services using a variety of diagnostic assessments and various forms of unique group therapies to enhance their service provision.edgewood clinical services logo

Edgewood began using Penelope case management software in 2008 and has grown as an organization each year since, while using Penelope’s billing and invoicing capabilities along with detailed reporting for a variety of functions.

“Our relationship with Athena and Penelope has truly been an evolution over the years,” said Adam Russo, Edgewood’s Chairman and CEO.

Adam founded Edgewood in 2004, and has since led its growth over the years. Just as Athena has grown exponentially since 2008, Edgewood has grown from an initial six-person team to over 50 employees spanning a range of functions across the organization.

The changes made to Penelope since 2008 have been noticed by the staff at Edgewood, as the system has become more dynamic, user-friendly and intuitive.

Adam attributes much of the user success to their understanding of the rationale behind the system.

“If a staff member can truly understand why using this software helps the organization, training is much easier,” said Adam when asked about onboarding new staff.

A true partnership

Adam said the secret to Penelope’s longevity at Edgewood has been the relationship between the counselling agency and Athena Software over the years.

“Our relationship with Athena has been a true partnership right from the start. When I started looking for a case management system, I wanted to find one that could grow with us over the next five to 10 years, and not just the next 12 months. And it has been just that,” he said.

Athena’s deployment and support staff help ensure the launch of Penelope at agencies like Edgewood goes smoothly, and that Penelope is set up to meet an organization’s goals.

Whether it’s document or report building, or simple day-to-day troubleshooting, attention to detail helps create a link with the organization for the long run.

“Whether it’s helping to bring on new staff, a system update or new process we want to implement, the Penelope staff have always been great to work with,” Adam said. “It definitely makes a difference.”

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